Wall  of  Testimonials

"Hands down, the best thing I've ever done for my overall health, fitness and wellbeing."

- Bryan, London, UK

"I really enjoyed my time... and lost an incredible amount of weight!"

- Broderick, San Diego, USA

"The only thing I regret is not signing up sooner" -

Kyle, Vancouver, Canada

"It's like Matt is your own personal cheerleader."

- James, Horley, UK

"I got so much out of it... I've learned how to make exercise work for you and how to make time for it." -

Danilo, Reykjavik, Iceland

"I've gone from a Large to a Medium in 6 weeks and I feel amazing; everyone is telling me how much fitter and leaner I'm looking" -

Chirag, London, UK

"The results were unreal, I bulked up, I trimmed off an awful lot of bodyfat & so many people asked me what I had been doing!"

- Craig, London, UK

"Matt tailored the programme using the home gym equipment that I had; he builds your confidence up brilliantly and I'm doing a second programme now" -

Peter, Southend, UK

"The first and second 12 Weeks were a really big success; I got fitter and more confident and it's an absolute pleasure to work with Matt" -

Kristof, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"The exercises are clear and simple, the nutrition information was a great help... and honestly I couldn't be happier" - Tim, London, UK

"Matt has been a great inspiration, really encouraging, really positive, really supportive, all the way through" -

Craig, Brighton, UK

"I've been working with Matt for over a year and he has made tailormade gym routines for me & he does make you more fitter and confident" -

Kris, St Albans, UK

"I think Matt's done something really, really impressive with Fitter Confident You, in that it's unique in a world of options of trainers and programmes" - Danny, Bristol, UK

"I really feel the programme has benefited me in a profound way." -

Charles, London, UK

"Matt has provided me with some brilliant plans that are easy to use. I miss the gym if I don't go and that's exactly what I wanted!" -

Jon, Birmingham, UK

"I tried a couple of programmes in Australia and they're nowhere near as supportive; I love working with Matt & I couldn't ask for anything better" -

Matt, Melbourne, Australia

"The best part of the programme has been the great support Matt has provided... and the personal touch" -

Daniel, California, USA

"I'm really glad I started... Someone else making the decisions about what I should do has really helped me too." -

Murray, London, UK

"Thank you Matt for reminding me it's not a battle, it's a journey." -

Ross, Edinburgh, Scotland

"All my relationships have changed, with food, booze, myself... My outlook has changed; I feel the most prepared to take on the world" -

Denis, London, UK

"For someone who has struggled with body image issues their whole life, this is the first time I'm looking in the mirror & not picking myself apart" -

Kyle, Chicago, USA

"I'm 6 weeks in and I'm really pleased with the results, from day one, I can see better posture, a tighter core and muscular development" -

Sean, London, UK

"I used to beat myself up about food, but the way Matt talks about food makes it all so much easier and my results speak for themselves." -

Kieran, Northamptonshire, UK

"It was a challenge, but it was one that was always rewarding for me." -

Chris & Alf, London, UK


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Fitter You

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