To help you get a bit more active, to give you some structure to your fitness and to help you win PRIZES...


Welcome to The Fitter Confident You Three Week Fitness Thing! (Good name, huh?!)

There is a reason behind the name - there are so many 'challenges' out there that, well it all felt a bit much.

This isn't a challenge, this is a nice thing to do for yourself to help you get a bit fitter, stronger, healthier and get you to try out some new habits too.

As an extra incentive, everyone who completes TFCYTWFT (!) by 15th May, will go into a draw to win these amazing prizes!

1 x Flagship Online Personal Training with me for 12 weeks

2 x Entry to the next round of L E A N or G R O W (my two, awesome, four-times-a-year group programmes


5 x FCY workout tops

This ISN'T a specific fat loss or muscle-building programme, but both things will happen to a certain extent.

Instead, it's to get you feeling fitter and healthier and get you moving a bit more - great for mental health as well.

How the heck does it all work?

On signing up you'll receive access to the the amazing FCY workout app, which houses your workouts for the next three weeks - it's all easy to follow, with videos and descriptions and it's super easy to keep track too - progress ahoy!

You'll also start to receive regular emails from me to keep you on track and to give you little nudges - new habits to try or things to consider, all to help you move forward as a Fitter Confident You!

Ready to get started?

Questions? I love them!

Hit me up on matt@fitteryou.net


Fitter You

Clapham, London

07974 254 457


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