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How are you thinking about goals?

First off, some things to think about:

- Goals aren't reached unless you do the work

- Therefore, I've found making goals 'process-based' more powerful - ie. set goals to workout 4 times a week, hit your protein 5 days out of 7 etc

- This is because, if you do that, then you'll hit your outcome goals (ie. losing X% fat)

- You can also set a goal about your identity - bear with me!

- This could be "I'm the sort of person who works out 4 times a week"

- Because, again, if it's part of your identity it will be just something you do, and because of your actions, that way again we achieve the outcome goals

Two more things to think about:

- Are your goals things to get away from, or things to work towards?

- Most people start with the away froms, as it's how most of us are conditioned, and even though hitting a bodyfat% goal might seem like something to work towards, in most cases it's an away from goal "I want to get away from feeling overweight, low energy, not fitting in clothes" etc

- So flip it and think about what being fitter, lighter, faster, stronger would UNLOCK for you - then they become goals you're working towards

There's power in them there goals!

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