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How to Smash Your Goals...

Here's why you're not hitting your goals... And how to start achieving them

I'm going to dive straight into this: You're not hitting your goals, because you're not the person who is able to... Yet. Or to put it another way:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over... and expecting a different outcome

Let's take a step back: Say you want to increase your salary, with a goal of earning £60k this year. If you continue behaving as you are, at your current level (which, for example, earns you £40k), it will be almost impossible for you to earn more, as you're simply not that person... Yet. If you were, you would be earning £60k. I keep adding in 'yet' as that's one of the key parts here. You can become that person, and there's a simple trick to looking at this differently, which will completely change how you approach your goals. As opposed to setting goals based on 'doing' something, change them to be about 'being' something. And the way to do this, is by using words along these lines... "I'm the sort of person who..." "I'm the sort of person who earns £60k a year" "I'm the sort of person who loses 8kg of fat in two months" "I'm the sort of person who has a grip on my finances and isn't intimidated looking at my accounts" "I'm the sort of person who eats well 80% of the time" "I'm the sort of person who exercises before work, four days a week" This approach changes your goals into who you can become, versus what you'll achieve. The big step here, is that we often tie in our emotional states with 'doing' goals - I'll be happy when I'm earning £60k, I'll be happy when I start exercising regularly - no you won't, as there will always be something else you'll need to make you happy. PLUS, just setting a goal like that gives you no impetus to change to become the person that achieves that goal. But if you're the sort of person who earns £60k a year, you might start reading and learning more, you might go to more networking events, you might volunteer more at work, to raise your profile. I get that this email might be a bit uncomfortable to read, but the realisation I had when this struck me, knocked me off my feet (alright, metaphorically, but it was a big moment). If I keep being who I'm being, how on earth can I expect to be the different sort of person I need to be to hit the big goals I have in mind? In reference to your goals and what you want to achieve, start saying that you're the sort of person who... and follow that instinct to actually BE that person. Any questions, or if you want to talk this through, please reply here and I'll be delighted to discuss this more. I'll also be talking about this in more detail on my Live at Five (on my personal Facebook page) at 5pm, GMT, Wednesday 13th March (it gets recorded if you can't make it Live). Best wishes, Matt PS. My G R O W and L E A N group training programmes kick off again next week, but there's still time to join them: G R O W (for muscle-building): L E A N (for fat loss):

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