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How to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

You'll be amazed at what you don't know you can do...

Hello! This story comes from my client Denis - if you follow me on any social platform, you will have seen him, as we've been working together for more than six months, and his transformation, inside and out, has been incredible to see. It turns out, when he had a straightforward plan to follow, he's naturally very strong in his lower body, so this tale comes from when he was starting a Fitter Confident You Legs & Bum workout. As I recommend, Denis keeps a note of what weights/sets/reps he does each workout (this is so you can always do a bit more each time, as progressive overload - "doing a bit more each time" is a key factor in exercise). He had his notes from the last time he had used the leg press machine. After a few warm-up sets to get the blood pumping and to increase the mind/muscle connection, he did his first set. Blimey! That feels heavy! He thought but he got through the set. The programme he is on asks him to increase the weight each time, so he did. He then did the second set, which also felt heavy, but doable. He rested, and increased the weight for a third time and did the third set. Cor! thought Denis, That felt tough today, better record what I did... Hang about! You see, what Denis had done, was misread his notes from the previous week, and started his warm-up on where he had finished the week before. MASSIVE CAVEAT: the point of this email isn't to get you to go and chuck all the weight plates you can find on the leg press machine, but instead I want to illustrate that we're stronger - much stronger than we think we are, and even more crucially:

What you believe, you can achieve

Denis 'knew' that what he was doing was what he was meant to be doing - even though if he had read his notes correctly, he would have started 100kg lighter. At first glance, the difficulty comes with trying to trick yourself in some way... But here's how to start: Say you're going for a set of 10 reps. Aim for 11. Count as if you're going for 11. If you get to 10 and can do one more, great. If not and you just get to 10 - also great, you've done what's in your plan! It's a small step, but added up over time, those extra reps, or even just because you got to your prescribed number of reps, add up.


I'd love to work with you. I have a range of programmes for different goals and having worked with more than 250 guys, all around the world, I'm confident I can help you achieve what you want to do this year: to get started. Best wishes, Matt PS. You're all Fitter Confident Younicorns!

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