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How to build a Fitter You

Some people in the fitness industry love to over-complicate things, especially how to get fit.

Not me, and not here.

Below are the key facets of improving your fitness. Nothing complicated. Nothing you can't start by yourself:

  1. Resistance training, ideally twice a week at least - although once a week will still have very positive effects. By this I mean lifting weights - providing resistance to your muscles, so that they wear out and grow back stronger/bigger/more efficient. This can be done in your home, following along to my 12 Minute Fix.

  2. Interval training of some kind, once a week. Some start/stop exercise to get your heart rate up and down - for example, walking then running on a treadmill or in the park, alternating for 10 mins = 10 rounds.

  3. Ensure you eat protein at each meal and snack. My favourite thing in the world (possible hyperbole) is cottage cheese. Arla has just brought out a small black tub of the stuff, with 40g (ie. of protein) printed on the side. It's delicious, convenient and supports alllll your fitness goals.

  4. Eat a bit more veg. I can't say a huge amount on this. I don't love the veg, but I've found a few that I don't mind. And I know I have to eat it, and I feel better when I do. So do it.

  5. Reduce your sugar intake - none of that clean-eating nonsense please, but just consider swapping a chocolate bar out for a protein ball or bar.

  6. Increase your water intake. Unless you're consistently drinking three litres a day, work on increasing it. Have a glass as soon as you wake up. Buy a water filter bottle and keep drinking it and topping it up all day.

  7. Work on improving your sleep. Get some blackout blinds, stop using your phone an hour before bed, open a window (the body likes to cool down when it's sleeping).

And that's essentially it. You see, not complicated, however I get that 7 things to think about it tough.

So just choose one this week, and make that your priority.

And then take on another next week.

And remember:

You're awesome and you're doing amazingly.

Matt x

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