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Thai Beef Wraps - Make These Tonight

I've been making these for a while and they're delicious, fantastically healthy and if you're flexible dieting, awesome for your macro/calorie targets. Here's what you need & the how:


- Lean beef mince (most supermarkets say what % fat they are - aim for 5%)

- Lettuce with a sturdy leaf, ie. Vote Romaine (bit late for that...)

- An avocado

- Your choice of herbs (I favour mint and coriander)

- Rice - this optional, but if you're exercising today, pop some of this in too)

- Limes

- Optional: fish sauce, tamarind paste, red/green chillies

The How

- Cook your mince. Just, you know, cook it. If you want to make it really Thaiy, you could add some of the optional ingredients above, but the dish is so tasty in itself, you might want to just go with the plain mince. Either way, THAT'S FINE

- Meanwhile, if you're having rice as well, cook that too

- Additionally, break off your lettuce leaves, give them a wash, pat dry (!) and put to one side

- Also, chop you avocado into strips

- Also, also finely chop your herbs and cut your limes into quarters

And that's literally it.

Place it all on the table in separate containers, then make up your wrap, using the lettuce as the receptacle, popping in some mince, optional rice, herbs, a strip of avo and then a squeeze of lime.

Consume and smile, safe in the knowledge you're enjoying a delicious, healthy, calorie-friendly meal.

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