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Eat Your Favourite Foods And Still Lose Fat

I know this sounds like Clickbait at its worst, but it isn't, so stick with me.

It's Sunday and I've just had pizza for lunch.

Might go to the gym later, might not.

But I'm not worried about what I've eaten for two reasons:

A: the more I meditate, the happier I feel in and about myself (Article on this, here)

B: the pizza fits within the numbers I know I can eat, so I know it won't have a detrimental effect - more on this in a second but first...

Have you tried various diets before?

Starved yourself?

'Clean' eating?

Tried slimming clubs?

Seen your weight yo-yo?

Felt a bit overwhelmed about all the different options out there?

I hear you.

The problem with so many of strategies is they get you to restrict various food groups.

And as soon as you say something is forbidden, it's human nature to crave it even more.

Furthermore, even if you can avoid it for a bit, can you really avoid eating it forever?

Plus, it will probably make you miserable, and if you're miserable, the plan ain't going to stick.

But there is an alternative that means you don't have to wrestle with any demons:

Flexible Dieting.

A set number of grams of protein, carbohydrate and fats ('macros') for you to eat every day.

I know, as soon as you say have to track numbers, some people will wither up, but it's really easy, and within a few days becomes second nature.

You do it using MyFitnessPal, a free App that houses a database of the nutritional info of millions of foods.

All this means you CAN eat pizza, ice cream, biscuits, WHATEVER and still lose fat and/or gain muscle.

It's not myth and magic, it's just some straightforward science.

This is how I build your nutritional plans and it bloody works.

(Yes, eating better quality food will help overall, I'd prefer it if you don't make up your diet completely from junk food, but the point of this, is that you can still enjoy those foods - because let's be honest, they're often the tastiest out there - without it derailing your plan to create the strongest, best-looking body you can.)

If you've over-indulged this summer and want to get back in shape, my online training programme will fix this. Workouts, nutritional plans, accountability, support - the programme works really well and you will hit your goals with me.

Email me and we'll get cracking.

Best wishes,

Matt "Macros" Boyles

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