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The Fitter You Guide to Healthy Snacks

Thanks for all the emails!

I'll answer all the emails here, in the order I received them, and the first was from Carlos, asking for inspiration for healthy, protein-based snacks to that he can eat during the day, if he gets hungry between meals. So, with only minimal faffing about, here is a useful list of healthy, high protein snacks for you to screengrab and keep to hand! - Hard-boiled eggs (these will keep in the fridge for up to a week) - A tub of cottage cheese - A tub of Greek yoghurt or Skyr, that Icelandic yoghurt - A glass of milk - A handful of nuts - A pack of pre-cooked chicken - Protein bars and other pre-packed snacks, e.g. Bounce Protein balls or Maximuscle bars - An apple and nut butter (personally I think this sounds revolting, but some people swear by it) - A protein shake - home made with a powder, or pre-bought - avoid For Goodness Shakes if you're trying to lose fat, as they're high in sugar (and taste foul) - Beef jerky or Biltong - Home made protein balls - A pack of cooked prawns - A can of tuna or sardines Not necessarily high in protein, but also considerably healthier than a Snickers... - A handful of olives - A piece of fruit ("But the sugars in the fruit!" Oh COME ON, you do not need to worry about the sugars in fruit unless you're eating all of it) - Celery and nut butter - Carrot batons and low fat humus That should be enough to get you through the next week, let me know how you get on! Best wishes, Matt "eggs!" Boyles

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