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5 reasons you don't have the body you want yet... (Catchy title, I know)

Hi Guys, Five reasons you're not where you want to be with your body - catchy I know: 1. You don't have a plan - If you're going somewhere new, you make sure you know where it is, and how you're going to get there, you don't just aimlessly drive in the general direction, hoping you'll arrive at some point. Same with exercise, without a plan, you're just aimlessly working out, you might get where you want to go, but probably not, and certainly nowhere near as efficiently as if you had a proven plan that took you straight there. 2. You don't have any accountability - You might be working out, but do you have anyone on your case (in a good way) to ensure you're really sticking to it? To keep you on track with your nutrition? To (metaphorically) kick your ass as necessary? Accountability will 100% change your workouts and how quickly you reach your goals. 3. You don't have 'skin in the game' - That is, it doesn't mean anything to you - as much as you think you want it, it doesn't matter if you don't stick to your plan. However lay some money on the line, and you want to see results - it's human nature to want to get what you've paid for. 4. Holidays - Ahhh, lovely holidays, great for the mind and soul, not always good for the body and wallet. Look if you've been working out solidly for four months, then yes 1-2 weeks of downtime can work wonders. However, if you're looking at developing your body but haven't had the consistency recently, then getting in some workouts while you're away will keep things ticking over. A 20 minute plan to do every other day won't eat into your poolside reading, but will mitigate the effects of those sangrias. 5. The media has primed you to expect miracles - Changing your body's composition - which is what we're talking about here - is not an overnight thing. It requires consistency, it requires you to trust the process, it requires some staying power. It DOESN'T require a magic pill (literally, in the form of a pill that some shitehawks are flogging). Please don't ever resort to these - they're basically repacked amphetamines, ie. not good. That girl/guy you saw on ITV17 DIDN'T lose a stone in a week/get a six pack in a week, they just didn't. Right, I've blathered on enough, but suffice to say, I can help with any/all of the above. Have a great Wednesday. Best wishes, Matt "it's list season!" Boyles

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