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See Breakfast with 30/30 vision

Ah breakfast.

The perfect opportunity to start your day, the right way. Fuel yourself correctly and you'll have stable energy levels all day, fewer cravings for sweet things, and help you to burn fat during the day. But that only happens if you start with a portion of protein. Specifically, 30g of protein, within the first 30 minutes of waking. Oh great, 30g of protein, sure I'll just ask for that in the supermarket. WHAT DOES THAT LOOK LIKE IN THE REAL WORLD, MATT AT FITTER YOU? Certainly not any of these:

  • Cereal

  • Granola

  • Toast with jam

  • Gallons of orange juice

  • Fruit smoothies

  • Croissants/pain au chocolat/pastries


So what DOES 30g of protein look like?

  • Two eggs, two good quality sausages

  • A Bulk Power protein shake

  • 100g of chicken breast - any meat pretty much, just keep it unprocessed

  • 150g of a homemade frittata

  • Protein pancakes - either home made or a mix

  • Home made smoothie, where you control the ingredients, eg. spinach, kale, mango, raspberries, 1 scoop of protein power

  • 170g pot of Fage Greek Yoghurt, plus a handful of pecans and raspberries

  • If you're out and about, Eat do some egg pots with things like ham, beans and avocado in - one of these and a handful of nuts will do it!

I didn't say it was easy at first, but it is important and it WILL benefit you. I also didn't say you'll be used to eating things like meat at breakfast, but you're an adult, and just because the concept of eating meat at breakfast is a bit alien, doesn't mean that the experience of it will be (or at least, not something you can't get over) (because you're an adult). Let me know how else you hit the 30/30 goal, or shout if you would like more help with it. Best wishes, Matt "fast breaker" Boyles

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