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Introducing XYthlete & Pressupdate 2

If you started the Press-up challenge with me last week, you should be adding 10 to your starting number today.

To recap, for a month, we're doing press-ups every day, starting with either 10, 20 or 30. Then, to show that exercise should be progressive and that the body is capable of handling progressively heavier loads, we're adding two (2!) every day. So if you started with 10 last Wednesday, your total today is 20. Easy to follow, apply and simple to stick to. Even with the warm-up, it will take less than two minutes - ie. while the kettle is boiling. Press-ups can be against the wall if you're just starting out, on your knees, on your toes, or even, if you're feeling punchy, with elevated feet. Any questions, let me know And now, for something completely different. As someone who lives in fitness gear, I want it to look good as well we being comfortable. The only thing is, while there are a million blogs and websites out there for female-focused FitWear, there wasn't a single one, just for male FitWear... So I started one - XYthlete - and it's doing pretty well. Head to for the scoop on the latest and best Activewear for men. And no, it doesn't all cost £4,000 for a vest. I cover affordable items from the highstreet and up. I also 'snap' (with their permission) guys I bump into who are dressing well in FitWear. I'm completely impartial, if something isn't good and doesn't work well, I'll tell you. I appreciate good design and innovations that make working out easier. There will be a full blog shortly, for now it's just on Instagram, so head over there to follow and find out the best new trends and items to wear in Men's ActiveWear. And if you know of any upcoming male ActiveWear brands, let me know! Best wishes, Matt "XY" Boyles PS. #LookGoodInSweat PPS. XYthlete - because you don't have to wear an old t-shirt to the gym

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