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Fitter You presents... The Perfect Morning

I've had a few emails about how I start my day, so without further ado (what the f*ck is ado?!)...

- Alarm goes off. I've been trying different alarms so as not to be jolted so aggressively awake. Currently using a 90s radio alarm clock (!), set on a talk radio station, as someone talking fairly softly actually proves to be quite a pleasant, gentle way to stir from your slumber - Previously I would instantly check my phone, however even if you don't feel it at the time, that will contribute to your stress and anxiety levels during the day, so resist looking at it for as long as possible (NB. as a PT I have to have a cursory glance at it to ensure my first client of the day hasn't cancelled over night, but I've trained myself to ignore all emails and social networks until I leave the house, and I'm much happier for it - Gladys in Accountants' post about UKIP can wait). - Ablutions. All fairly standard. I hope. But you don't want these details shared here. - Meditation. If I have time (and I should totally be making time for it) I will then go and sit calmly in the living room for 5-10 minutes, steadily clearing my head, focusing solely on my breathing. It's helped me with how I approach my day, how I deal with issues that arise and a general improved feeling of capability. - Food. I'm instantly hungry as soon as I open my eyes, so if you're like me, this but will be of interest. I ensure I eat at least 30g of protein, within 30 mins of waking up. My choices are usually:

  • Bulk Powders Complete Mass shake However, this is only right for you if you're exercising loads and your primary goal is to gain muscle

  • If you're looking to lose a bit of fat, go for a regular whey protein shake which are surprisingly delicious and they have a really wide range of flavours

  • Alternatively, I'm currently having a break from that with the goal of eating more 'whole' food - eggs, meat, nuts, Greek Yoghurt, berries, I've written before about how to make good food choices in the morning

If you're not keen on eating when you wake up, apply the same rules as above, but as soon as you can stomach it... Having said that, if you're looking to lose fat and aren't a morning eater, it's A-OK to miss breakfast, as it saves lots of calories, and you basically eat normally the rest of the day. However please don't replace a skipped breakfast with something much worse at 10am. And then I get dressed and go off to be South-West London's (self-appointed, but come on, it's likely) Favourite Personal Trainer! Any questions? I'm always happy to help and answer questions you may have. Best wishes, Matt "Up and at 'Em" Boyles

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