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The A - Z of a Fitter You; X is for...

This is a story about a man called Lucky... Errr, I mean Nick.

Nick is married and has three kids. He works at a demanding job. He just turned 50. He has exercised and played sport on and off during his adult life, but for the reasons outlined above, has put on fat. I knew his wife first. One of the gifts she bought for his 50th was a batch of sessions with me. It took a few months to tie him down and actually get the sessions in the diary, however in January, we started training together, twice a week. We also discussed his nutrition and what changes he could start to implement to boost the effectiveness of the workouts. As he started to enjoy it, we increased to meeting three times a week. And then a funny thing happened. He started losing his gut. This is the part that - like 90% of men his age - had grown the most over the last few years - because men generally store the fat they accrue from alcohol around their mid-section. Because of this, he no longer had to use the last hole in his belt to keep his trousers up. Then his arm muscles started appearing again. Then his cheek bones reappeared - which was noticed most in the office he worked in. The funny thing is, he hasn't had to make any drastic changes to his life. This is all he's done:

  1. Lifted some weights

  2. Done some interval training

  3. Eaten more protein

  4. Eaten a bit more veg (possibly, I'm not there 24/7...)

  5. Drank more water

  6. Reduced (not cut out entirely) his alcohol intake

  7. Reduced his sugar intake

  8. Given it some time

Now, annoyingly, Operation Gut-Reduction has gone so well, he has been forced to buy new belts. Imagine that! If you would like to experience the pain of having to buy new belts, you know where I am. Best wishes, Matt "Belt and Braces" Boyles

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