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Jumping on the 2010 - 2017 transformation bandwagon...

Never one to miss out on a trend...

You may have seen this floating around the internet: 'Post one pic from seven years ago, one from three years ago, one from this year'. (Don't know who started this or why those years were chosen, but there you go). So I had a scroll back through time and the results are above. In 2010, I had a gym membership and used it periodically, without really understanding any of the science of developing your body, and without much experience in doing so. In 2014, I had paid for a very expensive six weeks with a PT at a private gym. I had started to learn what it takes to develop a stronger and more muscular body, but only just. In 2017, I understand the consistency and variables it takes to make significant changes to your body. And that's what I keep coming back to - for me as much as for anyone else (though I do preach it to my clients and you guys): consistency. You might ask, "how long did it take you to get the body in 2017" Six weeks? Six months? It was really the result of the last 15 years of training, as everything we do and have done makes us who we are today. Christ that last line was a bit bloody worthy wasn't. I'm not ashamed to say I've worked with PTs myself over the years, including last summer for 12 weeks, which taught me more useful techniques I've been able to apply to myself and my clients. Having someone to keep me motivated and push me has been invaluable. This has come in the form of a PT, or over a longer period of time, my gym buddy. All you need is: - a workout programme to follow consistently - a nutrition programme to follow consistently - the commitment to stick to it And I would be delighted to help with any/all of these. Best wishes, Matt "bandwagon" Boyles

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