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The A - Z of a Fitter You; V is for...

Or is it?

Well, clearly it is. But do you need them? Well, clearly, yes you do for a healthy and normally-functioning mind and body. But what about vitamin supplements? Ahhhhh, good question. When you're looking to change your body's composition for the positive (ie. lose fat, gain muscle or grow another arm) the number one most important thing you have to nail first of all, is your diet. You've probably heard that losing fat is 75% diet, 25% exercise, and that's basically true. You can do allllllll the workouts and weightlifting and sprinting and HIITing, but if you're eating too much - and if you're not eating the right stuff, your progress will be much slower. Or to reference another phrase you may have heard: You can't out-train a bad diet. But do you need vitamin supplements? The answer, if you have nailed your diet, for 90% of people, is no. Eating a varied range of fruit and veg, plus some decent protein and - yes - carbs, will ensure you're ticking off your nutrient requirements. Think of it more like this: Getting your diet right is 75% of the battle. Training/exercising right is 20% of the battle. Supplements therefore, can contribute to the final 5%. Here's what I take, and why: High strength Omega 3 Fish oil tablets - improve my oxidisation of fat, reduce inflammation which in turn reduces risk of Alzheimer's, heart disease, high blood pressure, tendonitis, plus it ensures steady production of serotonin, keeping you more mentally balanced High strength Vitamin D3 - ok, we got some sun recently, but generally, Britain is a drab, cloud-covered isle, and this helps to support my immune system and bone strength I also take Whey Protein after a workout, but I consider that part of my diet, as opposed to a supplement. I buy all my supplements and whey from Bulk Powders which has high quality products with clear labelling and excellent customer service - they haven't endorsed me or paid me to mention them, I just like them as a company. But first of all, focus on the food and drink you're putting in your engine every day - which, it goes without saying, I can help you with. Best wishes, Matt "Mmmm, fish oil" Boyles

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