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The A - Z of a Fitter You; U is for...

Look, if being a member of my mailing list isn't working for you, just unsubscribe.

A cluttered inbox is no help to anyone, and will only contribute to your day-to-day stress. So if these aren't helping you, if they're not of interest, please unsubscribe. Speaking honestly, I would rather have a smaller list of people who were all engaged and interested in what I'm writing. This - as with most things - applies to all areas of life. Friends. Gym memberships. Jobs. Forthcoming events. Anything that just adds stress, with no overriding benefit, just unsubscribe from it. I'm not saying go and quit your job right this moment with no plan, maybe start with the small things, like unsubscribing from a whole bunch of companies/Personal Trainers who bombard you on a daily basis with emails that you don't feel add value. In fact, why not set yourself the challenge of unsubscribing from 10 different promotional/regular emails you receive. Minimalism isn't great for everything, but for inboxes it's \(◦'⌣'◦)/ That's all! Best wishes, Matt "I dare you" Boyles

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