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The A - Z of a Fitter You; S is for...

I'm on holiday at the moment.

I'm self-employed so while holidays are refreshing time off work... they are also time off making money. But I don't mind. Because holidays - even just short breaks - are so good for your head. We rarely get time to think in our day-to-day lives - and even if we do, we don't take it. We're conditioned to find things to do to fill blank time. The glorification of 'busy' is a bad thing. We're also conditioned to fear being alone. Hence why, when your friends leave you in a bar or at a restaurant, everyone whips out their phone (me included). But allowing yourself the luxury of just... thinking, of being alone with your thoughts is amazingly empowering. Holidays are when I do my best and clearest thinking and business planning. Away from the clutter of modern life and a regimented schedule you can let your thoughts breathe. (This might not be possible on a lads' trip to 'Napa, but you never know). So stop feeling guilty about going on holidays, about taking breaks and even more importantly, about finding an hour to just sit and think. A brain that is allowed to clear things and work through issues is a healthy, happier brain. Start by scheduling in 15 minutes this weekend, and see where it takes you. Best wishes, Matt "Sword of Omens give me sight beyond sight" Boyles PS. I cunningly wrote these emails in advance and scheduled them to go out seamlessly to continue to build our relationship. You're so welcome!

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