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The A - Z of a Fitter You; P is for...

You have to look after yourself, to be able to look after anyone else.

I'm using the phrase 'look after' loosely here. I don't necessarily mean 'physically care' for someone who needs constant attention, just give someone any kind of care. You have to be selfish about your health; your physical, mental and emotional health. Having said that, what helps keep you sane and balanced is different for everyone. I know I have to get four or so workouts in a week to enable me to feel strong, both physically and mentally. I also need to listen to a lot of music. And - if I'm being honest - also eat 'healthier' food and generally make better choices in the (sometimes overwhelming) arena of nutrition, as I have experienced a direct correlation between eating crap and feeling like crap. And if I don't find time for these, I start to feel off-kilter. We're complex, delicately balanced machines that need looking after. And you have to do the looking after - no-one else really cares about that like you do - and nor should they have to, they should be focusing on their own wellbeing. Start with you. Work outwards from there. Best wishes, Matt "SELFISH" Boyles

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