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The A - Z of a Fitter You; N is for...

The unknown can be scary.

Of course it can. Not knowing how things will work out - we're so often wired to expect the worst. I've touched on the inaction caused by this fear before, but I'm here to tell you, in no uncertain terms: There is nothing to fear about starting to exercise a bit more and starting to make some healthier food choices. Think it through: Walking into a gym (or any situation) as a newbie, we're conditioned to be intimidated by the others there. Will they judge us? Will they laugh at what weights we're using? Will they snigger about the clothes we're wearing? Pause. And then remember: They (and I) were a newbie once, so I can 100% say they are not thinking that. They're more concerned about they look and come across than judging someone else. (More than ever, they're probably on their phone anyway). A great deal of the people there are actually really lovely, whatever gruff exterior they may project, and actually happy to help you, to spot you etc, if you just ask them. Let's look at another situation: Working with a PT. They, even less than the situation above, are going to judge or intimidate you. They want to help you. It's their job, and most of the time, their passion and obsession, so they LOVE talking fitness and offering advice. So this may be the most important letter yet, there is nothing to fear. But we can't help you if you don't ask for help - doing so will end you paralysis. Paralysis caused by: - fear of the unknown - a bad previous experience - information overload - something else! Ask for help and you may be surprised at what doors open. Best wishes, Matt "statues" Boyles

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