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The A - Z of a Fitter You; J is for...

"In two months you have completely changed my body shape" - Kassia.

We're (almost) a quarter of the way through the year. (Don't worry, this isn't about rushing to get a 'summer body'). Kassia started training with me in mid-January. We have seen each other twice a week in that time (and only missed a couple of sessions, because as we know and expect, life sometimes gets in the way). She has also been doing The 12 Minute Fix at home, a few times a week. In addition to this, she's been eating a bit more protein and cut back (a bit) on alcohol. And that's it. Then last week, she saw her regular sports masseuse for the first time this year (she's been getting massages from her for about four years), and she said: "You have completely changed your body shape. Strength training really suits you." The funny thing is, strength training, and a few dietary tweaks suit ANYONE. We can meet face-to-face to do this. (Although I only have two slots available for this). First session is free, too. We can do it over Skype. First session half price. Or we can do it purely online, and we never have to meet ("We wish we had been given that option" - All of my exes) What could you achieve in two months? Reply here to start the conversation, and let's see what's possible. Looking forward to working with you. Best wishes, Matt "60 days is NOTHING" Boyles

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