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The A - Z of a Fitter You; I is for...

For a far healthier online experience, whenever you see something on social media, just repeat the following mantra:

It's not real! Try that again: It's not real! Liberating isn't. This is relevant, because everything - EVERYTHING - you see online, has been doctored in some way. Everyone - me included - stage manages their online persona to some extent, meaning it's impossible and pointless to use that as any kind of benchmark for your life, your progress and your happiness. So how should you track your progress? Well, depending on your goals there are numerous ways: - Use a tape measure to record changes in arms, legs, waist and hips (and chest if you're bulking) - How are you feeling? Do you have more energy, are you sleeping better, do you have a sunnier outlook? - Take before, during and after photos - Have your clothes got looser / tighter - Do you have fewer cravings? - Are other people noticing/giving asked-for comments on your body shape? - Yes you can use the scales as well if you have a short term goal (the problem with that, is that ideally you'll be losing fat and putting on muscle at the same time, so the scales may stay the same, depending on your starting point) Just don't use the internet to measure where you think you should be. Because... *pause for effect* It's not real! Best wishes, Matt "it's not real!" Boyles

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