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The A - Z of a Fitter You; H is for...

This one won't be that popular. It doesn't always apply to everyone, however...

When you think you're hungry, you're actually not. If you're trying to lose some fat, then there is one thing to remember: You need to burn more calories than you put in (or 'eat' as some people say). That is literally it. Part of this process, may well be eating less than you are used to; going for slightly longer between meals; eating slightly smaller portions. Your brain will not be used to this, and - especially in times of boredom - signal that you are hungry, with the idea that you will give in, have something and suppress the 'feeling' in your stomach. Stop! A: this is something you can get used to in a few days and B: if it happens, distract yourself. How? - Have a big glass of water - Chew some gum - Go for a walk - Reply to that email you've been putting off - Do The 12 Minute Fix - Read a chapter in a book (or 15 chapters of a Dan Brown book) - Brush your teeth (yes really) - Call a loved one - Rearrange your Mini-Discs - Review and re-draft your 3 month, 6 month and 12 month goals - Prepare multiple meals for future ingestion Something to keep your hands and mind busy, basically. Don't give in to the biscuits - you're doing so well! Best wishes, Matt "wait til lunch" Boyles

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