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The A - Z of a Fitter You; E is for...

*deep breath*

Walking Brisk-walking Power-walking Jogging Running Cross-country running Track running Sprinting Yoga Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa Flow Yoga Yin Yoga Restorative Yoga Skiing Cross-country skiing Jet-skiing Snowboarding Water-skiing Wake-boarding Water-boarding (that one doesn't sound right... Anyway, moving on) Swimming Diving Sky-diving (ish) Personal Training Surfing Body-boarding Korfball Handball Rugby Union Rugby League Bodybuilding Powerlifting Just lifting some weights and putting them down again without an agenda Crossfit Home DVD workouts The 12 Minute Fix Squash Racquetball Tennis Fives Lacrosse Hurling Curling Jai'alai Kabadi Golf Ultimate Frisbee Sailing Horse-riding Hockey Climbing Zumba BodyPump, Body Attack - any Les Mills class Insanity Bokwa HIIT Street dancing Ballroom dancing Jive dancing Learning-Beyonce-routines dancing Quidditch Quidditch in Redditch (lol jk, you can't really do that one) Volleyball Baseball Basketball Netball Wireless Fitness silent disco workouts American Football Aussie Rules Football ISIS Rules Football (you really don't want to try that one) 9 Pin Bowling Crown Green Bowling Croquet Softball Rounders Polo Waterpolo Table tennis Bocce Sepak Takraw (yes really) Gaelic Football Petanque Fistball (no thanks) Football golf Football tennis and Football (if you really have to) And if you can't find at least one thing in there that appeals, then ask me and I will make it my personal mission to find something that does. Best wishes, Matt "does sofa-surfing count?" Boyles

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