The A - Z of a Fitter You; K is for...


Calm down dear, it's just a song by a band!


And a very good one too, hence why it has made it into my ultimate workout (or just, power-you-through-the-day) playlist!

Here it is, for your aural stimulation.

Now let's take a closer look:

  • Krack - Soulwax; an amazing way to start; sounds like a power station having a nervous breakdown

  • Jitter - Grace Mitchell; even a few years after its release, this still sounds completely fresh and unlike anything else out there

  • Alors en Dance - Stromae; he's Belgian, no! Come back! He's also amazing. Stromae is also the word 'maestro' cut and swapped around. HOW CLEVVER.

  • Into You - Ariana Grande; the best song of 2016

There are another 10 tracks, all outstanding and energising.

I'm providing this, as exercising to music has countless, proven benefits.

I'm also providing it as a handy segue into talking about my bi-weekly SILENT DISCO FITNESS class, which you may wish to attend!

It takes place on Clapham Common, and like a silent disco, you turn up and are given a pair of wireless headphones to wear.

Unlike a traditional silent disco, no-one will spill beer on you or steal your wallet and you'll come away having done an awesome workout, feeling stronger, fitter and happier.

It takes place:

Monday nights at 7pm
Friday mornings at 9.30am
You should definitely come along
as it's
just £10 a pop
for London
is a bargain.

Other great things about the class?
- It's working out without feeling like you're working out
- There's a group of really friendly people already going
- You won't get shouted at
- All exercises are modifiable for all level, ages and abilities
- As demonstrated above, I know my way around a playlist

You can also see more about the class here.

Let me know if you're coming tomorrow - it will be the first light one!

Best wishes,

Matt "Music, makes the people, come together" Boyles

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September 20, 2017

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