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The A - Z of a Fitter You; C is for...

You see that Victoria Sponge looking at you from across the office?

Eat it. Go on, eat it. It doesn't matter. Honestly, it's perfectly acceptable for you to eat the cake, whatever your exercise/workout goals. Just one thing: Don't then use it to derail everything else - ie. the fact that you've been doing really well with your day-to-day nutrition and regular workouts. WHHHHHYYYYYYY? Because one slice of (hopefully delicious) cake, won't make a difference in the grand scheme of things. It's when that slice of cake is used as an excuse to then eat more cake or something else, that's when cake isn't your friend. And obviously, try not to use it as a reward or similar - you are not a spaniel being trained to roll over. But if you want a slice of cake, and you're being healthy and generally doing positive things? Go ahead and eat it. Really focus on it, and enjoy every bite - try not to just mindlessly shove it into your gob. Quite revolutionary - and hopefully refreshing - a PT saying you can eat cake isn't it. Well I'm no ordinary PT... *gets changed in phone box* ... I'm... Oh wait, well I'm still Matt Boyles*, a PT in Southwest London, but I'm here to cut through the bullshit the po-faced, up-itself fitness industry pedals to us all on a daily basis. Best wishes, Matt "lemon drizzle" Boyles *Although now I have an ASBO for getting changed in a public phone box

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