The A - Z of a Fitter You; D is for...


No! Come back!


I will never, ever, ask you to go on a diet.


Because diets don't work.

Something out of your ordinary expectations of how you eat is almost always, unsustainable.

People joke about different diets that have popped up over the years - Atkins, Cabbage soup, Grapefruit, slimming clubs, Slimfast - some still with us, some debunked.

Wouldn't it be better if you just had healthy, consistent, easy-to-follow habits that fitted into your schedule?

No fad diets. 

No yo-yo dieting.

Just simple tips that you basically do already, you just do a bit more consistently:

- Drink more water
- Work a bit more protein into your life
- Move a bit more
- Work on improving your sleep
- Learn to manage your stress

All of which I can help you with, as I have with hundreds of other people like you, who think they're too busy and overworked to make a change.

Give it a shot.

Online coaching starts at £50 a month - we don't even need to meet!

And of course, if you're not into these emails and don't feel we're on the same wavelength, feel free to unsubscribe; no hard feelings. The link is at the bottom.

Best wishes,

Matt "If Weight Watchers worked, it would go out of business" Boyles

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September 20, 2017

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