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Shhh! Fitness Secrets - pt. 3

I've been (very) guilty of this, and quite frankly, it applies to all areas of our lives, but for now, let's just talk about phones interfering with our running/workouts/exercising.

And yes, having music while you exercise is a fantastic booster, and it seems most of us use our phones to play music, so it's fine having it with you. It's just the additional distractions it provides - emails, texts, facebook - that take your focus away from the job in hand. Every glance at a lit screen takes you out of the gym and mires you in other people's shit. And so much of working out and exercising is about clearing your head and feeling good in and about yourself. But if you're continually distracted by social media it's harder to achieve that clarity and/or psych yourself up for the next, really tough, part of what you're doing. Either don't take it with you, or if you want the music it provides, put it on Flight Mode. Most of us can be disconnected from the world, without everything falling apart. So leave your phone in your locker, or press that aeroplane icon, and stop flicking though your newsfeed every chance you get - Beryl's motivational quotes on a picture of a sunset will still be there in an hour. Best wishes, Matt "phoning it in" Boyles PS. You can still take gym selfies in Flight Mode, so that's fine

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