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Shhh! Fitness Secrets - pt. 2

Last night I invented Sushi Boxes, and they're f*cking amazing.

I've talked about meal prep before. It's in no way mandatory, but it's a useful tool to help you be fitter, healthier yous. (In case you haven't heard of it, it's essentially making a number of meals in advance, so you know what you're eating, and that you're eating good quality, health-boosting meals, as opposed to just grabbing something crappy from the supermarket fast food aisle - which you're now avoiding, right?) So last night, I saw on facebook that a friend had ordered a load of sushi. And monkey see, monkey want. But as opposed to ordering a deliveroo and spending £25 on one meal, I decided to make it. And I am so glad I did. I've made it before, so knew what I needed, which was: - Raw fish - yes really! - Nori seaweed sheets - Avocado - Sushi rice Then, to make the sushi rice as authentic as possible, you also need: - Mirin - Japanese rice wine vinegar - Caster sugar - Salt (Few tablespoons of the two liquids, a teaspoon of the sugar and salt, mix together, then when you've drained the rice, stir through it and let it cool) And that's it! Well I also had some soy sauce, wasabi and ginger for when eating. The fish cost me £7. The rice cost me £1. The avo cost me £3. The nori (I already had, along with the other things) but is £2 (and has loads of big sheets in it). So it cost me about £14 all in... and it made seven amazing, delicious, healthy meals, so £2 a serving. The worst part was waiting for the rice to cool, but I spread it on dinner plates and this speeded up the process. I will be doing this LOADS more. (Of course I didn't really invent sushi boxes, as my client pointed out this morning, but I am going try and claim the credit for making them popular in the UK for healthy meal prep). Try it! Best wishes, Matt "my Mum is reading this and is going to freak out becuase sushi is DANGEROUS MATTHEW" Boyles PS. You could make these even healthier by swapping in brown rice, and some more veggies, but I detest cucumber, so that one can go swing

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