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Shhh! Fitness secrets - pt. 1

Supermarkets are designed to be as persuasive about buying food as possible, by some of the smartest and most EVIL minds around.

Given the context of what's happening in the wider world, that may be a touch of an overstatement, but they do consult psychologists to ensure you're hypnotised into junk-buying machines, as soon as you step through the doors. So what can you do so you don't end up with a basket full of crap? Avoid it. The supermarket has laid out the convenient 'fast' food right at the front of the store, in the most easily-accessed aisle. The colours are bright. They sometimes pump nice smells down there too. Your brain knows how delicious and instantly rewarding the food contained there is. So walk those handsome, clever feet of yours straight to the aisle on the left or right and... Just don't look. This is how The Simpsons beat the advertising hoardings that came to life in a Treehouse of Horror episode and the same applies here: just don't look. Don't give power to the food. You are a bright, sentient being living in 2017. Stop being duped into buying stuff that does you no favours and doesn't support any kind of fitness goal. Just don't look. Best wishes, Matt "Every little... something something" Boyles

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