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Fitness 101 - Mastering the Basics pt. 5

Anyone who says they've "always loved vegetables" is probably lying.

However as adults living in the developed world with access to a full range of vegetables (that we can prepare in countless ways and actually do taste different), we don't have any excuse not to build them into our diets. You know you should be doing this. I know I should be doing this. In (small) part, we are forever being persuaded by marketing and EVIL food scientists, intent on making processed, 'fast' food almost supernaturally delicious, making it harder to make the right choices. So I'm going to set you a challenge. In the next seven days, all I want you to do is have one extra portion of vegetables. One. That's it. And don't get hung up on steamed vs. boiled vs. microwaved vs. raw - just eat it, ok? And notice I didn't say fruit. Yes, it has an important role in your diet and in human's nutrition, but always choose veg over fruit. Why? Because you can get all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals from veg, as you can from fruit, just without the extra sugar. (Yes, fruit sugar is loads better for you than processed sugar or fake sugar, but it's still sugar). One extra serving of veg. It's not a lot to ask. Get to it! Best wishes, Matt "veg out" Boyles

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