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Fitness 101 - Mastering the Basics pt. 3

However, for all I've said so far, you HAVE to stick to it.

I've come to the conclusion that basically any gym programme and most (reasonable) nutrition plans will work, if only you have the cojones to stick to them. The body takes time to adapt and only in tiny, usually unseeable increments. But over time, those tiny unseeable increments add up to what you were hoping for all along, it's just that the internet and TV and reality 'stars' and magazines have made you think you can get a six pack in a week. So keep drinking more water. Continue to move a bit more. Eat a bit more decent quality protein (more on that tomorrow). Stick to the plan. Trust the process. (Any more cliches you want to wheel out there, Matt?) You see what I'm getting at. You have to give things time for them to work. There's a handy tip below to help you fit something fitnessy into your life, and help you stick at it. Shout if I can help in any other way. Best wishes, Matt "stay the course" Boyles

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