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Fitness 101 - Mastering the Basics, pt. 1

So Fitness 101, the most basic and easiest to do of all fitness recommendations... is drink more water. I know you've heard it before, but are you doing it? If you're not approaching three litres of water a day, then give it a go and tell me you don't:

- feel more alert in the mornings and throughout the day - feel more energetic, with fewer slumps - eat less and therefore - if that's your goal - start to lose weight The simplest way to start this, is: 1. Take a large bottle/glass of water to bed with you, then when you wake up, drink it before you leave the bedroom & 2. Take a refillable bottle to work with you, and steadily get through it all day You see?! Basically free and exponentially better for you. Give it a go and report back in a week. Best wishes, Matt "H2O dear" Boyles

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