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Social Proof and a FREE Workout

Who IS this Matt guy anyway?

or the newer sign-ups to this fitness-with-personality mailing list, I thought you may be interested in seeing some of the social proof that me and my company, Fitter You, have received recently. Over the last three months The Sunday Times, Metro and, ermmm, my old school magazine have been harping on about me, which is nice. (And yes it was all positive - no hatchet jobs here). You can view them all in detail on my website - which has full info about my personal training, online training and silent disco fitness. And for another chance to see me in actual action, head to the Sunday Times Magazine's facebook page tomorrow (Wednesday 18th January) at 12.30pm and I'll be running a workout using just your body. Your own body! It's my 12 Minute Fix and even with a warm-up and cool down, you'll be done by 12.45pm. Come join in wherever you are and give me a like or a comment while we're doing it! Best wishes, Matt "Going Live" Boyles

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