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How to enjoy Christmas

Do whatever the hell it is you want to do, including eating and drinking whatever you fancy. That's what I'll be doing. Now isn't the time to be preached to about "watching your carbs" or some such guff. So if you have been dieting/thinking about food, why not stop it for a few days? It will be good for your sanity and good for your relationship with food. And then, when your head is in the right place, kick start 2017 a few days early with a plan. A plan to get your best body yet - what that looks like will be different for everyone - your personal best is all that matters. Using my online training plan is one of the ways you can do this. For £28 for January, you will receive:

  • Three different workouts (either gym, home or a combination of both)

  • Nutritional support, including a week-long meal planner

  • Weekly support from me to keep you accountable and on track

  • A guarantee that you will lose 7lbs - ie. half a stone or more than 3 kgs - ie. a sensible and sustainable amount

It's all easy to follow and actually works (I know as I've used the different workouts and way of eating on myself whenever I've wanted to cut my bodyfat). Let me know who's in for this; it's super simple and gives you the chance to start 2017 as you mean to go on. Best wishes, Matt "Merry bloody Christmas!" Boyles

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