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My letter to Santa

Dear Father Chestmas,

I hope you are well. As someone who is also elf-employed (sorry, couldn't resist), I appreciate your time is precious, so I won't keep you. I have been a really good boy this year, helping lots of people get fit and strong as well as helping some new people begin their journey to a Fitter You (gotta crowbar the brand in somewhere). I also believe I've been helping the good people of my mailing list with their mindset and just to feel good in general with this daily (ahem) emails. So with the above in mind, I would like the following: 1. To get a proper, strict muscle-up (when you do a pull-up and then get your body high enough over the bar to then press yourself fully up). I've been working on these and getting closer, but they're hard, so hard. 2. To be able to bench press 100kg. Getting to 90kg was ok, so I'd really like this by 1st Feb. Everyone likes big, round numbers, like your odometer reading 10,000 miles, it's just so satisfying to reach a number like that. 3. High protein Krispy Kremes. Come on R+D department, where are you?! 4. Hand calluses that don't bleed quite so quickly. (That's probably just practise, but don't ask, don't get) (No I don't want gloves. I want big crusty manhands). 5. Some Bluetooth headphones, that would be sweeeeeeet! 6. A few more people to join my online training programme 7. The perfect lighting for all my future gym selfies You see it's really not a lot. And you know where to find me. THANKS SANTA! Love, Matt, aged 35 and three quarters

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