You did, didn't you!

And I'm pleased you did. Short one today: Life doesn't always need to be lived within the lines. Neither does it have to be conducted in the same way as your neighbour. Or your boss at work. Or that guy in the gym. Find your natural rhythm and [hang on, this is getting into hippy shit territory] RECALIBRATING........... Just because a magazine (fitness or otherwise) says something is true, it really doesn't mean it is. That's better. Stop doing things you think you should do in order to impress people you don't like. That's it! Do what you want to do (in a safe and orderly fashion) and you will find happiness. For me, while I've been working on my body (although I don't like to talk about it... Ahem), I realised last week that I wanted to get FIT again. Quick and lean and explosive and fast and capable and strong. So that's what I'm cracking on with. What about you? Shout if you're looking for inspiration or encouragement, I'd be delighted to help out. Best wishes, Matt "Alright stop, recalibrate and listen" Boyles

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