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Are you wasting money on a gym membership?

I know I have.

How much are you paying for your gym membership? Is it in the budget range? £20 a month? Mid-level at around £45? Or are you splurging on a premium chain at £100+ a month? Now how many times a month on average are you using it? However, let's not bore each other with the maths, because: A: We are not Carol Vorderman and B: It's not just about that When you walk into your gym, are you greeted by someone who knows your name, uses it (and remembers the silent 'P'), remembers what you had been up to the previous weekend and asks how it went? (Ok that level of knowledge might be a bit creepy, it was more to illustrate what sort of relationship you create with employees at gyms). Then when you walk onto the gym floor, can you always use the machine/weights you want to? Is it full of just nice, polite people who pick up and return their weights, who don't try to intimidate other people and who definitely don't smell? Then when you ask the PTs for help, are they 100% engaged and focused on you? Are they knowledgeable about the slightly weaker left hamstring you have, do they care about you? I appreciate I'm slightly over-egging the pudding here (delicious, very un-fitnessy metaphor there), yes you can join a gym for £19.99 a month, but personal training is very different. Personal Training gets you. Personal Training listens to you. Personal Training by its very nature, is personal. Have a look at what you're currently doing with your workouts and what you're achieving. If you're unhappy in anyway with what you're doing, I can help with this. And I would love to! Online training starts from £80 a month. Invest in your body, your future and yourself. Best wishes, Matt "did I mention I'm a PT?" Boyles

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