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Trust the Process

We're regularly 'sold' stories of overnight successes.

Uber. AirBnB. Deliveroo. The TOWIE 'star' who lost two stone in a month. The thing is, it just isn't true. The company/person/thing either worked insanely hard for a good few years before breaking through to mass success, or they faked it, and lied to you. But the behind-the-scenes parts of both versions of these routes to success aren't pretty, sexy or that exciting, so all we see are their fast-tracked race to global awareness. Which is why so many people expect to lose vast quantities of weight, or gain vast quantities of muscle in two weeks. While the body is an amazing, incredible thing, it has it's limits of what is achievable. However, if you can consistently use the tools you have for either of these goals, it will work, and you will get there. Some people will get there faster than you, some slower than you, but you will get there. You just have to trust the process, and stick with it. And remember to celebrate small wins along the way, as we're so often too hard on ourselves - set yourself a massive fat loss goal and it will seem so far off that it's understandable that you may think you'll never get there. But break it down into bitesize mini goals, and each week, you'll cross them off, one-by-one. And remember: you can do it. Best wishes, Matt "like a river to the sea" Boyles

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