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If the only tool you have is a hammer...

Just saw 'Arrival' and it was very good indeed.

I love thoughtful sci-fi (actually I love dumb sci-fi too), but this is a high quality, intelligent movie. Very quick summary:

  • Spaceships arrive on earth

  • Something inside them is trying to communicate with us

  • Amy Adams plays an amazing translator who is called on to interpret whatever is being 'said'

  • That's it

  • Only it's not

Even though the US Army calls Amy Adams in, they're under lots of pressure from the top brass who quickly get closer and closer to just nuking them, in order to show them we're in charge. Sensitive Amy believes this is unnecessary and Not The Way, and at one point says: "If the only tool you have is a hammer, you end up seeing every problem as a nail" AMAZING. This is relevant every single time we approach anything that needs a solution. Opening your mind to different solutions leads to better resolutions. She could have said "there's more than one way to skin a cat" but in 2016 we've had enough violence and no one wants any more cats to be skinned. This also applies to fitness and fatloss. Yes really. The body is amazing at growing accustomed to workouts eating plans. You don't have to just go for a run to lose weight. In fact I would posit that there are far, far more effective and efficient ways at getting and staying in shape. But, if that's all you've ever done or all you've ever been told, you may think long, tedious cardio is the only way to achieve your goals. So if you're bored of what exercise you're doing, and feel it's not working any more, let me know and let's find something that works and you enjoy and look forward to. Best wishes, Matt "although Indumbpendence Day 2 was a step too far" Boyles PS. By coincidence, one of my awesome clients has the line about a hammer as his Twitter bio, which is interesting, is it not PPS. My partner hated the film, maybe it was just too clever for him (j/k he's got all the booksmarts)

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