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The 12 Minute Fix - Bodyweight Edition

The 12 Minute Fix is a cunning workout that I sort-of devised, and definitely re-named, that you can do anywhere and anywhen (why isn't that a word?) you fancy.

There was one on www.fitteryou.net already, but that one required dumbbells, so I recorded one that uses 12 bodyweight exercises, which are listed below.

Very simply, it's 12 exercises, 12 minutes. You work for a chosen portion of the first minute, then rest for the remainder of the minute, ie. 30 secs on, 30 secs off. When the next minute starts, you then move onto the next exercise for the same time periods of work and rest, until you've done all 12.

The exercises in this one are:

  1. Lying cycles

  2. Squat jumps

  3. Press-up to plank

  4. Dorsal raises

  5. Hammock

  6. Lunge with high knee - right

  7. Lunge with high knee - left

  8. Wide press-ups

  9. Toe touches

  10. Toe taps

  11. Power knees

  12. Deadbugs

The beauty of the 12 Minute Fix, is that it's, technically, all you need to get fit. Say you start and you're chosen work/rest ratios are 30secs/30secs. As you get fitter, simply increase the work period, and decrease the rest - can you get to 60secs on, 0secs off? I would love to see this done! Best wishes,

Matt "12 Minute Man" Boyles

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