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Self-experiment: Intermittent Fasting

As someone who loves his food, the concept of intermittent fasting never appealed.

And I mean really loves his food. However I recently learnt a friend has been quietly doing IF for four years - four years! - and now he looks amazing. Yes blah blah blah, appearance is subjective, but he is subjectively in the best shape of his life. So as I like experimenting with my body (steady on!) I'm going to give it a go for 10 days. Here's how it works and what I'm going to be doing, specifically: - Fasting for 16 hours - Eating my normal amount of calories (c. 2,500) during the other eight hours - And - That's it! There are a proven host of benefits to IF, including reducing risk of heart disease and various cancers, PLUS fat loss and it improves your (pay attention at the back) apoptosis, which as everyone knows (ahem) is the rate your cells die and regrow. How will I cope? Not sure. Starting tonight at 9pm, well stopping tonight at 9pm, then not eating again until 1pm on Tuesday. GREAT. I'm going to take measurements all over, weigh myself and take a photo in my undies (which is just for me), and then do it all again in 10 days, so we shall see what it does. I'm eternally concerned about my gainz, so my concern was that I would shrink to nothing, however as my calorie intake isn't changing, in "theory" all should be fine. If it has a positive effect, I may well start to introduce it with clients of my own - but feel free to try it by yourself first. Any questions? Matt "lock the fridge Martha" Boyles

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