There's no such thing as 'Perfect'

There really isn't.

And quite frankly, life is busy and stressful enough anyway, without you applying additional pressure to be 'perfect' in some way. Think about it in these terms: You're a toy maker (go with me, it's coming up to Christmas) and you've come up with the most amazing new toy that is going to sell out this year and make you rich - every kid is going to want one. Maybe two. You've been working on it all year, and become more and more obsessed with the prototype. It has to be perfect, it MUST be perfect. So you keep adding things, honing the product, changing colours on different parts of it. It's getting closer and closer to the cut-off date for the first batch to go to the factory, so it can be mass-produced in time for Christmas... But you can't let it go. You can add some more lights here, you can make it say different things if you add another button... Because it's still not quite... perfect. So you miss the first date, and continue to over-think and over-design the toy. There's another cut-off date coming up... And again, you obsessively won't let it go to production, as there are more shiny bits you can add, more effects it can make... Because it's still not quite... perfect. And then you wake up one morning, and it's the middle of December and you've missed all possible chances of producing the toy in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, your rivals were objectively working on their new products for Christmas, with the understanding that it's fine to strive for perfect, but who understood that it's just a concept that has no end point, because nothing, ever, will be perfect. Ok, tortured metaphor over. My point is, allow yourself to be happy with any progress (with your body, your mindset, your health), as you'll never reach a perfect ideal, as it simply doesn't exist, as human nature will always want what it cannot have, ie. the unobtainable. Blimey that went on a bit didn't it. Best wishes, Matt "progress is where it's at" Boyles

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