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How to sleep better (And save your relationship)

A Fitter You is almost impossible to attain without improved sleep.

If you don't sleep well, there are loads of things you can do to help improve how much shut-eye you get each night, including:

  • Not using your phone for an hour or so before bed

  • Having a completely dark room - ie. chuck up some blackout curtains

  • Turning the thermostat down/opening a window - the body wants to cool down when it sleeps

  • A small carby meal (e.g. a small bowl of porridge) can help

However even if you follow all of the above, you may still not get a good nights' sleep, due to your, or your partner's snoring. I am an awful, rhino-esque snorer and would keep my partner awake (especially when I roll onto my back)... And then I tried the nose strips you see in the picture. You may remember footballers off of the early 2000s wearing them. I'm slightly dubious about the sporty benefits of them, BUT they 100% reduce my snoring by lightly stretching open my nasal passages (two deeply unsexy words there). This in turn helps me to sleep and means I disturb my partner less. And the more and better quality sleep you achieve, the better your body will function, meaning balanced hormones, fewer cravings and better muscle growth. I haven't paid or been rewarded in any way for this, I just think they're really great and really work. You can get them at any pharmacy and the larger supermarkets. Until tomorrow! Matt "40 winks" Boyles PS. The massive irony, is that I sleep TERRIBLY! lol :(

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