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Blatant Plug for my Online Training

You've probably heard of online personal training... But not really known what it comprises - which is fair enough, we're all a bit information-overloaded currently. Well, I have recently launched online training, for people who can't always commit to actually seeing a trainer every week, but who have the motivation and desire to want to start to work on their bodies, heath and mindset. With this in mind, I've put together the following package:

  • Initial consultation with me

  • Three workouts that you are to complete three times a week for a month

  • Nutritional coaching to support your goals

  • A handy wall planner to keep you on track

  • Weekly check-ins with me for that all important accountability

Ready to give it a go and make a positive step to a better quality of life? The above starts from just £100 a month, contact me here if I've persuaded you, or if you have any questions. Best wishes, Matt "cyber highway" Boyles

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