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You need more protein!

Meaning, meat, fish, eggs, good quality dairy, protein shakes, nuts, pulses, all are good, and whatever you think, you're not eating enough. You just aren't. There are loads of studies that show that starting the day with a good dose of protein helps with weight regulation, for lots of fairly boring reasons (fills you up so you don't snack, regulates blood sugar - wait! come back!). With that in mind, this recipe for mini frattatas - frittatinis (cute!) is ace. You can make it on a Sunday night, and then have five portions ready to go each morning for breakfast, so you don't have to think about cooking food when you're in a rush - and better still you won't reach for the mid-morning croissant. The portions in the pic are apparently only 83 cals each (good) and are very low in sugar (also good). Personally I would bump the quantities and up the protein by adding some meat - chorizo or good quality bacon, or some cottage cheese. You could easily eat three of these, guilt-free, have eaten less than 250 calories, but be full til lunch. Hurrah. And feel free to switch any of the veggies or meats around - asparagus, chicken breast and mushrooms? Brilliant! Cherry tomatoes, smok

ed salmon and spinach? Bingo! And so on. Enjoy, and let me know your favourite versions. Byeeeeeee! Matt PS. My online training group continues to steadily lose weight, build some nice, lean muscle and gain control of their diet. Want in? It starts from just £110 a month; hit me up with questions!

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