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This still is from the video for '1 Thing' by Amerie

You will have received my '50 Steps to a Fitter You' by signing up for my mailing list - thanks, btw! However, life in 2016 is a busy old thing, and seeing my amazing sister today, she mentioned how she reviews it every now and then, looking at just five tips at a time. And it struck me that I had fallen into the main trap I wanted to avoid in writing these emails: I was potentially adding to the feelings of being overwhelmed by information overload. While I wanted to over-deliver, I may have caused further inaction. So here's my advice: Just read and do one of them today. Change one thing and one thing has changed. Think about changing lots of things, then actually do none of them, and nothing has changed. The easiest and simplest one to do, is to drink more water. It's basically free and will only improve your health. So go on, right now, go and have another glass of water. Have another one before dinner and another one after dinner and that could be almost a litre on top of what you would have normally drunk. You'll feel fuller, you'll eat less, your organs will work more efficiently, your skin will look better - do you need any more reasons?! Hope that helps: literally, just do one thing, don't worry about the other 49 for now. Best wishes, Matt "less is more" Boyles PS. Here's the video - treat yourself to a watch this afternoon, it's a banger for the ages!

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