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10 reasons not to use a PT

  1. What if my body shape changes and I have to buy some new clothes?

  2. I don't like the idea of being complimented on my body

  3. I prefer the idea of over-eating then starving myself to keep my weight in check

  4. I like the thought of not being able to get out of the bath unassisted at the age of 60

  5. I don't mind that I can't keep up with my kids any more

  6. ... But if I exercise I might sweat, and someone might see me

  7. I like people standing up for me on the tube

  8. My Diabetes UK card gets me the best parking spaces at the supermarket

  9. Erectile Dysfunction can actually prevent some embarrassing moments in public

  10. Kaftans are so much more flattering than swimsuits

Seems reasonable! Or you could go again the grain and give it a shot! Best wishes, Matt "10 good reasons" Boyles

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