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This quote is apparently from famous cameraperson*, Annie Leibovitz

And it's great. An easy way to digest and understand that there's no need to let someone else ruin your day/week/life. And now I'm going to rip it off for fitness, and more specifically, your health! In the same way (kind of - go with me) that if you've been eating well, exercising regularly and generally looking after yourself, should you end up eating something bad, don't worry about, or let it get to you. The next bit's a touch patronising, so be warned, but here goes: "One bad meal doesn't make you fat, and equally, one good meal doesn't make you healthy" Don't know who said that, so I'll take the credit for it. The danger is often, someone will have a bad meal, and feel they have ruined all their previous hard work, and end up binging, or simply not caring what they eat for the rest of the day/week/life. I'm here to say, in fact it's good for you to have that slice of cake, to enjoy the pizza - as it will keep you sane. However, don't use it as carte blanche to then scoff the next piece, or slice or sack of whatever is being offered. I've slightly muddied my metaphors there, but I think you know what I mean. You've (possibly) got questions, I've (hopefully) got answers, hit me up! All the best, Matt "I'm not sure I can eat 15 Yorkshire Puddings, Auntie" Boyles *Photographer

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