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It's time to stop giving power to inanimate objects

No this isn't about virtual reality and your Teasmade stealing your partner and killing you in your sleep.

So many of us (me included) are slaves to the numbers that scales, a tape measure or other measuring device say, to the point where it can make or break your mood for the day. "If I'm under 11 stone today I'll be happy" "Why don't I have 16" guns yet?" (me) And so on. But while measuring and keeping track is important while on your 'fitness journey' (sorry), doing so every day will only lead to unhappiness. Measure once a week at most - fortnightly or even monthly is better - which will help to break your unhealthy bond with the scales. Seriously, you're doing great anyway. Modern life is busy and tough enough, you don't need a block of plastic messing with your happiness on a day-to-day basis. The best way I find to track my clients' (and my) progress is with photos. These only have to be for you and your other half, and only do them once a month, but if you're sticking pretty closely to a programme and eating well, comparing photos is the healthiest and most satisfying way to go. Best wishes,

Matt "Rise of the Robots" Boyles x PS. If you enjoyed this and think other people may too, please feel free to send it on to them and say they can sign up to this mailing list at - a thousand thanks!

PPS. Sorry if you don't like up-close photos of feet...

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